Sunday, 24 May 2009

Chapter 38

A hot shower later Lucky stood in a towel wondering what the hell she was doing. She didn’t have anything but the clothes she stood up in!

‘Baby, I’ve just thought, there’s a boutique in the foyer, you haven’t brought clothes with you, so we need to go shopping! Get your beautiful ass in gear, and we can go get you something.’ David stopped when he saw her stood there staring at him, he did a quick check, yup his fly was done up.

Next thing Lucky was in his arms, she wrapped her hands into his hair and pulled him into a long kiss.

By the time they surfaced he was breathing heavily, ‘Well what did I do to deserve that?’ he buried his face in her neck and scattered kiss and nips under her ear. ‘Just so I can carry on getting whatever right!’

‘That was for realising I didn’t plan on staying, and have nothing to wear, and for once it’s not a ‘woman’ thing to say it, I don’t have clothes with me.’ She tilted her head a little and he took advantage of it marking her. ‘Ow shit David! What are you sixteen?!’

He checked then laughed smugly. ‘Nope just marking my property!’ He managed to duck the hand she sent to slap him silly, turn her and pull her cute ass into his awake cock. Lucky groaned and twitched into him, he sighed as her ass tormented his dick, she was lethal. Before he computed what was on his mind he had her breasts in his hands, his nimble fingers pulling on her erect nipples through the towel.

‘Shit, you keep that up and your mates are going to get a show when they turn up! Now Dave, back off and let me yank my clothes on and we can head ou……fuck!’ Her orders slowly ran out of stream as his hand disappeared beneath the towel and into her wet core, finding it soaked and ready for him. He thrust two fingers into her and pumped them in and out several times, then dragged them away from her making her moan in protest. He pushed her away from him, slapped her ass and told her to get a move on.

Lucky just stood and glared at him, then her eyes widened as once again he took his glistening fingers to his lips and licked them clean, she fled into the bathroom before she said sod it and jumped him, his laughter followed her. Bastard! He was so gonna pay for that!

Half and hour later they’d got back from shopping, she’d kicked him out of the store, only to let him back in to pay for it. He’d kidnapped her purse so she couldn’t pay for anything. ‘Okay, bugger off.’ she grabbed the bags from him and started to shut the door in his face.

‘Hey, what the hell!’ He managed to get a toe in the door so she couldn’t shut it.

‘Oh no, you’re not coming in here while I get ready, bugger off to Jon’s or someone’s. If you stay here we’ll never make dinner or dancing!’ He laughed, then swore as she put her hands on his chest and shoved him with all her might, sending him flying across the hall, and she slammed the door too and he heard the locks click into place.

‘Shit Dave, you got kicked out of your own room!’ Richie stood there laughing his ass off. David muttered a few choice words about bossy women, banged on his door and told her she’d got half and hour, then slunk off into Richie’s room.

Bang on half an hour later all four men stood outside the door, and what a sight met Lucky as she opened the door. Tico all in black, Richie black fitted trousers, purple shirt and black leather jacket. Jon had black jeans, white shirt and black jacket.

Then of course David, he was dressed in charcoal grey slacks and a deep blue shirt and a deep grey leather jacket that she’d got in her hands.

‘Holy hell woman, what you do, go through Jon’s tight ass jeans, circa 1980’s???’ Richie stuttered.

‘What?’ She threw a stunned looking David his jacket then did as he wanted, and did a slow turn for them. She knew she looked good, and she had thought of pay back. Arms akimbo she turned and they took in her skin tight glittery black jeans, a deep emerald green blouse, that dipped in the front and on the shoulders a diamante clip held the shoulders together, around her waist, matching the clips was a loose diamante belt that sparkled when she moved. Her shoes were four inch black stilettos, and her hair was pulled back with another diamante clip in a twist at the nape of her neck. Tear drop earrings matched the belt, clips and the necklace and bracelet she’d got on too. Her make up seemed nonexistent, but her eyes smouldered and her lips looked wet and deep pink.

As one the four of them whistled their appreciation. ‘So I’ll do will I?’ She laughed as David stood in front of her, ‘What?’

‘Can’t have your eyes poked out by their raging dicks now can I?’ He huffed, making her laugh even more.

‘And who’s going to save me from yours huh?’ She leant into him and kissed him, ‘Aw you look cute in lip-gloss.’ She snickered and pulled the tube from her pocket and reapplied as he licked his lips clean, making her pant a bit.

She sashayed down the corridor, turned and asked them if they were going out or playing statues.

RICHIE: ‘Man Dave, she’s gonna get all of us killed!’
DAVID: ‘Why?’ He watched her ass sway from side to side, tormenting him.
JON: ‘Cause we’re the fools that’ll have to keep the horn dogs away from her all fuckin night!’
TICO: ‘Shit David, I’m sorry, my eyes can’t move from her ass!’
RICHIE: ‘Amen brother!’
JON: ‘Amen too.’
DAVID: ‘Fuckers!'

Realising she was nearly at the elevator, they took off at a run. Lucky just laughed as they all piled in.

A town car whisked them across town to a swanky restaurant, where Lucky was regaled with their daring does and things that fans did to get near them, she laughed till her sides hurt.

After they went on to a club; and by the end of the night Lucky’s feet were killing her! She’d not got only David to dance with, the other three took it as their god given right to dance her into the floor too! She had a blast!